Saturday, March 20, 2010

LTE: Des Moines Register

It is too bad the delicious irony of the up-coming fall elections is lost on the majority of Iowa's registered voters.

If polls are to believed Iowans, like Americans everywhere, are in an anti-incumbent, throw the rascals out mood. Yet if the Des Moines Register's Iowa poll is to be believed Iowans are ready and willing to return Republican Charles Grassley to the US Senate. Grassley is the consummate professional politician admitting in a viral Internet video that he has in fact suckled at the public's breast nearly all his adult life. Yet every six years the ultimate Washington insider since 1976 transforms himself into the Washington outsider while accepting the generous donations of pro-Republican lobbyists.

Of course Iowa Democratic Party chairman Michael Kieran, after a long and laborious search, has done boosted Grassley's chances by resurrecting the political career of the feckless Roxanne Conlin, she of 1980s Tax-Ann fame. To date neither Iowa's Green Party or Socialist Workers' Party or Tea Party activists of a libertarian bent have announced any candidates for US Senate. Iowa's voters are left with the usual choice between a Tweedle-Dee Democrat and a Tweedle-Dum Republican.

Paraphrasing Jimmy Carter's apt observation that America deserves government as good as its people from where I sit we are a very sorry lot indeed.

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