Thursday, December 21, 2006

Prepare yourself for Democratic defeat in '08

Dave Lindorff has written a very perceptive op-ed post at on how the Democratic leadership at the national level has already allowed itself to be out maneuvered by the Bush administration over troop deployment in Iraq.

Meanwhile over at Phillip Mattera and Charlie Cray have pinned A Contract With Corporate America that concludes:"For too long, the federal government has been acting as a virtual captive of big business interests. The change in control of Congress is the first opportunity in years to start shifting power back to the rest of us."

Do you think any Democratic leaders at the national level read either one of these pieces? Do you think Nancy "Impeachment is off the table" Pelosi will call for investigations into how the president lies this country into Iraq? Do you think "Commander Milquetoast" Harry Reid, after blurting out this Sunday past he'd support a "surge" in troops in Iraq, will change his mind? Do you think the DLC plutocrats will lift their snouts out of the K Street trough to reform campaign fiancing, lobbying and electronic voting?

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