Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Army hospital cover-up on horizon

From The Huffington Post.com
WASHINGTON — President Bush has enlisted former Sen. Bob Dole and former Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala to lead an investigation of problems at the nation's military and veterans' hospitals.

Bush was to announce his appointments Tuesday in a speech to the American Legion.

The president announced last Friday he had ordered a comprehensive review of conditions at the nation's network of military and veteran hospitals, which has been overwhelmed by injured troops from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The review came in the wake of disclosures of shoddy outpatient health care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, one of the nation's premier facilities for treating veterans wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Can't comment now. Gotta run. But with these two in charge...well just look at all the discipline problems that cropped up with the University of Miami football program since Shalala took over as president there. As for Bob "I shot myself to get out of combat" Dole, his record of placing party loyality before the national interest speaks for itself.

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