Monday, July 23, 2007

Repug presidential campaign could get ugly

Whoa! I love it when they fight among themselves.

Infighting between a second-tier Republican presidential candidate and a rising star has broken out.

Former Kansas U.S. Senator, and fulltime wing nutcase, Sam Brownback unleased a scathing attack on one-term Massachusetts Governor Mitt "My Wife's Both a Starter and Trophy Wife!" Romney, just in time for the Iowa Straw Poll.

Christian Broadcasting Network blogger David Brody, he's the pretty boy in the illustration to our right, posted a scathing attack from the Brownback camp on Romney's alleged support of homosexual Boy Scout leaders.

Romney Hostile to Boy Scout Leadership and Principles: Supports Gay Scout Leaders, was Cold to Scout Participation in Olympics.
In his 1994 Senate race in Massachusetts and later as CEO of the Salt Lake City Olympic Committee, Mitt Romney opposed Boy Scout officials who wished to prevent gay men from becoming troop leaders and was hostile to Scout participation in the 2002 Olympics.

In a 1994 debate with Ted Kennedy, Mitt Romney offered his support for gay scout leaders:

"I feel that all people should be allowed to participate in the Boy Scouts regardless of their sexual orientation."

The comments from Romney, who holds a law degree, came six years before the June 2000 Supreme Court ruling that allowed the Boy Scouts to bar troop leaders based on sexual orientation. The ruling cited the constitutional rights of freedom of association and speech.

Later in 2000, facing pressure from gay rights activists, Romney was cold toward overtures from Scout leaders who wished to participate in Olympic activities.

"At a recent training event for Scout leaders, Marty Latimer, chief Scout executive for the council, revealed that the Scouts are no longer welcome. 'We don't understand what's wrong. They just don't want us and won't talk to us,' said Latimer. He told that Mitt Romney, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Olympic Committee, has not returned phone calls from a number of Scout officials who have tried to obtain clarification."

Romney's openness to gay scout leaders conflicts with the Scout Oath, which requires Scouts to be "morally straight."

"What part of morally straight doesn't Mitt Romney understand?" said Larry Cirigiano, a Catholic activist in Massahusetts. "Boy Scout 'leaders' are supposed to be role models. Open homosexuals should not be leading young Boy Scouts anywhere."

Senator Brownback has always supported the right of the Boy Scouts of America to determine the best leaders for young scouts.
Somehow, neither Brownback, nor for that matter blogger Brody, sees the irony in the statement from Catholic "activist" Cirigiano. Perhaps both Brownback and Brody, and "activist" Cirigiano, have forgotten a little unpleasantness in Massachusetts involving Catholic priests? But, then again, perhaps this illustrates why being a bound by tradition"conservative" is easier than being a liberal; one only needs the memory of a gnat.


Anonymous said...

That David Brody ought to remember to wipe his wife’s lipstick off himself before he gets his picture taken. Or has he been PHOTOSHOPPED???
You wouldn’t go so far as to photoshop Brownback in a brown shirt, now would you?

ETSpoon said...

hmmm.....That sounds like a challange.