Sunday, January 13, 2008

Why didn't she get an abortion?

The latest pretty-white-girl-goes-missing-pretty-white-girl-found-dead story concerns one Maria Lauterbach, USMC, who reportedly wandered away from Camp Lejeune sometime before Christmas. She has been found murdered along with the fetus she carried since an alleged rape sometime in April of last year.

On discovering the burned bodies of Lauterbach and her fetus in a shallow grave Saturday Onslow County, NC. Sheriff Ed Brown said,"...[The] little hand was about the size of my thumb. The little fingers were rolled up[.] One of the things that will probably stick with me for a long time, and forever, is that little hand, the way those fingers were turned, that had been burned off the arm. That is bizarre. That is tragic. And it's disgusting." And disgusting it is. But that little hand also begs the question: If Maria Lauterbach is a rape victim why did she decide to carry the child of a brutally, violent act to term? Why did she not get an abortion?

From the little personal information in cyberspace about Ms. Lauterbach one can neither conclude that abortion was not an option because of religious conviction or she was, indeed, involved romantically with her killer, Marine Cpl. Cesar Laurean.

But if she had had an abortion, after reporting the alleged rape, she might yet still be alive. And if not at least a fetus would not be a murder victim.

This is a case where abortion really would have been a blessing.

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