Thursday, July 09, 2009

batshit crazy: Iowa Republican Party

The big political story going around the Internet is that all the "smart" Republicans want to keep Sarah Palin about as far from them as possible, I guess so her cooties don't rub off on them.

But not to fear. The Iowa Republican Party, the party that gave you Fifth U.S. congressional District Congressman Steve "Crazy Train" King announced today
The Republican Party of Iowa is hot after Sarah Palin to headline the state GOP’s annual Reagan Day Dinner this fall, state party executive Director Jeff Boeyink told The Des Moines Register today.

“Absolutely we are pursuing Sarah Palin,” Boeyink said, responding to Sen. Chuck Grassley’s comment that Palin would be a good fund-raising draw. That effort has accelerated since the Alaska governor’s surprise announcement last week that she planned to resign.

[T]hey are hoping Palin agrees to headline the state GOP’s Reagan dinner, the party’s premier fall fund-raiser.

“That’s the concept. We would love to have her be our headliner for our traditional fall event,” Boeyink said. “We would need a very large venue to make that happen.”
Tom Beaumont, The Des Moines
Damn, like I said a day or two ago, we ain't seen the last of this idiot woman. That's because she attract lunatic wing nuts like a corpse plant draws carrion flies.

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