Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Former Virginia governor won't run for president in '08"

Associated Press Writer
October 12, 2006
RICHMOND, Va. -- Democrat Mark R. Warner, the former governor of Virginia, has decided not to run for president in 2008, Democratic officials said Thursday.

Warner scheduled a late morning news conference in Richmond to make the announcement, according to two Democratic officials who refused to be identified because they did not want to upstage Warner's announcement.

The reason for Warner's announcement was not immediately known.
Hampton Roads, VA Daily

People who know Warner say his wife and daughters have never been eager to see him run for the presidency. His wife, Lisa Collis, was not a prominent Virginia First Lady and often remarked to people close to her that she did not like the political limelight.

Warner went to Italy for a family vacation this summer, reportedly to have the final decision-making conversation with them. Several people close to him have said that conversation did not take place.
Crap. I deleted emails from the Iowa Democratic Party and Polk County Democrats trumpeting that the above named DINO would be in town today in at a pre-debate warm-up for Chester. Too bad. Of course, I wouldn't walk across the street to shake hands with him, so I didn't care in the first place.

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