Friday, October 13, 2006

Max Blumenthal:The Coming Gay Republican Purge

I'm not going to re-post any part of Max Blumenthal's article. It's all over the Internet: The post);;; and I'm sure it'll soon be popping up on the likes of the and Working For My buddy in Oregon emailed it to me yesterday.

Andrew Sullivan, conservative homosexual (or homosexual conservative, take your pick), weighed in last night on the "Colbert Report;" opining that the Republican Party, following the revelations in the Mark Foley "Pagegate" scandal, now either have to act like adults and acknowledge homosexuals within the party and move on, or purge gay Republicans and suffer the consequences.

Blumenthal is betting on a purge. Of course, this will drive purged gay Republicans into the Democratic tent. In turn, this will serve as an excuse for the DLC to drive the Democratic Party further to the right.

I've long had a dream of seeing the destruction of the modern Republican Party, and that may be unfolding before my very eyes. But should the GOP collapse under its ideological weight, leaving the field open for conservative Democrats, a new, and powerfully effect, opposition party must be ready to take the stage. As you know, I oppose the velveteen-fascist economic and foreign policies of so-called "centerist" Democrats as much or more so than of the open and brutal fascism of the Republicans.

As much as I'd like to see Green Party take stage-left of American politics, I think they screwed the pooch by straying off the course, the 2000 Nader fiasco, that proved successful for European Greens; contesting small local elections for years before entering the national political arena.

My gut feeling, something I have in common with Fearless Leader, is that the United States is in for a long, slow, painful decline into capitalistic feudalism, ending in Third World nation status.

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