Tuesday, April 17, 2007

33 students, faculty member killed at Virginia Tech campus

That was the big news yesterday and the headlines yet reverberate today. This is, as the sob-sisters of the mainstream media are wont to tell us over and over ad nauseam, a tragedy of monumental proportions.

But the real tragedy of this terrible loss of life will not come today or tomorrow or even next week. No, it will happen within six months to a year when some self-serving young man or lady, who just happpened to be in Norris Hall on the Virginia Tech campus when the gunman began his rampage, writes a book on, "How God Saved ME." It will be the usual infantile drivel about how, as the bullets flew, "god reached down and touched ME," and "god saved ME because god has a plan for ME."

I reckon god didn't give a shit about the 33 other folks who died. Either that or god needed a quick transfusion, since we don't offer up blood sacrifices in the form of babies or lambs to the old boy these days. Or maybe god was short a few tenors in his heavenly choir, and an extra soprano or two couldn't hurt.

My guess is that god saved "ME" to write a sappy book to sell to suckers. My guess is that god saved "ME" so TV sob-sisters, like Diane Sawyer, Oprah and Montel Williams, can coo and oooo over how brave "ME" was in a scary situation. TV appearances, book signings and fat honorarium checks from fundamentalist "Christian" churches all for "ME." That certainly beats having to find a real job.

And that, to me, is the real tragedy of these senseless killings at Virginia Tech.

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