Friday, April 27, 2007

One good reason for keeping Iraq War going

Now, hold on, hear me out for just one second.

Look, I've written here and in my eariler blogs my opinion that the invasion and subsequent, and continuing, occupation of Iraq is the worst foreign policy blunder ever. I've written in the past that the troops must be withdrawn, in order to cool the situation in Iraq itself.

But, after viewing the documentary Jesus Camp I've changed my mind.

Keep this Iraq occupation going. In fact, let's invade a couple of more Middle Eastern countries that are doing us no harm.

Let's keep this meat grinder going long enough so the kids in the motion picture can grow up and enlist in the military. Jesus Camp founder, true believer and useful idiot, Becky Fischer wants her kids to be as fanatical as the kids in Hamas, Hizbollah, al Qaeda and the Taliban; to be was willing to die for Jesus as Islamist kids are for Allah.

I say, rather than worrying about Bush's puppy dog terrorist, let's send as many right-wing fundamentalist Christian warriors off to the Middle East as want to go. Fuck, I'd be for deporting all of 'em. This woud be a helluvalot better country without 'em.


Anonymous said...

So instead of the Children's Crusade, it would be called the KoolAid Kiddies Krusade?

Anonymous said...

I hope Becky Fischer doesn't hug her kids. If she wants fanatics, they will need some abuse and Jesus Juice.