Thursday, April 12, 2007

A litte more on "300"

An e-mail from a friend (I have a couple) said:

The last comment on I made Huff was in response to Iran's getting being insulted by the movie 300. I said how I missed all the Spartan slaves - they must have been hiding. I enjoyed the film like I enjoyed Sin City. Graphic novels on the big screen make for entertainment, not a history lesson. The old complaint about Hollywood is the botched job they make of stories and mood. Too many wanna-be's messing with the artistic vision. At least with 300, the vision seems pretty intact.

I responded:

Yeah, I liked "Sin City" too, and, naw, you can't convince me that "300" is anything other than neoFascist garbage with a pretty face, actually buffed and tanned bod. The worst feeling one can have on leaving a movie theater is boredom...and that's how I felt after leaving "300."

Anyway, I stand by my distaste for "300." Labeling it "art" or a "cinematic experiment" doesn't excuse the palpable racism. The 300 Spartants of "300"
are Goebbels-esque poster-boys. If film technology were such that this film
could have been made in 1937, I can imagine Himmler, Goering and Hitler all

I was googling to find an image from "300" the original graphic novel to compare that with "Nazi" art, but I ran across this exchange at :the(sic) writer of the graphic novel "300" of course !! HE IS ON OUR SIDE ! I was right !

The "writer" of the graphic novel "300" is artist Frank Miller, one of comic book fandom's reigning gods. A clip of a post-SOTU NPR "Talk Of The Nation" interview with Miller is posted at the chickenhawk Web site Little Green There Miller complains that Twenty-first Century Americans are a bunch of whining, wimps, and spoiled brats; that we are at war with a "existential foe" who "genetically" (sic) mutilate their daughters. Listen to him. The wing nuts are praising him for his tough talk about waging war and making sacrifices.

This is brave talk for a 50-year-old man who never once spent a day in the uniform of any branch of the United States' military. This is bold talk for a 50-year-old guy who's too old to ever have to serve in the military. This is big talk for a 50-year-old man who sounds like a scared little boy.

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