Monday, August 27, 2007

Gonzo out, Skeletor in at DoJ?

Holy smokes, Batman, this news is buring up the Internet!
Published: August 27, 2007
WACO, Tex., Aug. 27 — Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, whose tenure has been marred by controversy and accusations of perjury before Congress, has resigned. A senior administration official said he would announce the decision later this morning in Washington.

Mr. Gonzales, who had rebuffed calls for his resignation, submitted his to President Bush by telephone on Friday, the official said. His decision was not immediately announced, the official added, until after the president invited him and his wife to lunch at his ranch near here.
New York

As I noted yesterday, and as almost confirmed by

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Bush will likely nominate Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to replace Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General, senior administration officials told CNN Monday.

Chertoff received his law degree from Harvard University and was a law clerk to Supreme Court Justice William H. Brennan Jr. in 1979 and 1980.

Between 1994 and 1996, Chertoff was counsel to the GOP Whitewater committee investigating the business dealings of President Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton, who is now New York's junior senator and a candidate for president of the United States.
Here's an interesting quotation from the Wikipedia entry for Justice William J. Brennan: Known for his outspoken liberal views, including opposition to the death penalty and support for abortion rights, he is considered to be among the Court's most influential members.

This leads one to wonder how a nice "liberal" Jewish boy became an arch NeoCon? Suffice it to say, his Wikipedia entry makes for some interesting reading. Coincidently, Skeletor Chertoff was once Boy Wonder to Republican presidential hopeful, and former 9/11 New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani's Dark Knight.

Gentle reader, if there should be another big terrorist attack on the United States sometime between now and November 11, 2008 we'll be stuck with Rudy and Mike for a long time.

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