Monday, August 13, 2007

Karl Rove to resign at end of month...big whoop...

By now the liberal blogosphere is in ecstasy*.

Karl Rove to Resign at End of August

By TERENCE HUNT AP White House Correspondent
6:55 AM CDT, August 13, 2007

WASHINGTON - Karl Rove, President Bush's close friend and chief political strategist, plans to leave the White House at the end of August, joining a lengthening line of senior officials heading for the exits in the final 1 1/2 years of the administration.

A criminal investigation put Rove under scrutiny for months during the investigation into the leak of a CIA operative's name but he was never charged with any crime. In a more recent controversy, Rove, citing executive privilege, has refused to testify before Congress about the firing of U.S. attorneys.

Rove became one of Washington's most influential figures during Bush's presidency. He is known as a ruthless political warrior who has an encyclopedic command of political minutiae and a wonkish love of policy. Rove met Bush in the early 1970s, when both men were in their 20s.

"I just think it's time," Rove said in an interview at this home on Saturday. He first floated the idea of leaving to Bush a year ago, the [Wall Street Journal] said, and friends confirmed he'd been talking about it even earlier. However, he said he didn't want to depart right after the Democrats regained control of Congress and then got drawn into policy battles over the Iraq war and immigration.
So the little turd blossom is vamoosing before the posse gets 'em. Well, I don't buy none of it.

The AP story says this weasel will be "obliged" to stay on the White House staff until January '09, the end of Dubya's term, if he doesn't get out of town by Labor Day. Now why do you suppose one of the most Machiavellian political operatives, of this or any century, is leaving? Being the suspicious kind that I am, I'm not taking the lame "to spend more time with my family" excuse. The 2006 Democratic gains in the U.S. House were just a bump in the road in the Rovian/Norquistian plan for permanent Republican domination. In fact the turd blossom is looking to the immediate future as illustrated in this exchange reported by Wall Street Journal columnist Paul J. Gigot:
"[Bush] will move back up in the polls," says Mr. Rove, who interrupts my reference to Mr. Bush's 30% approval rating by saying it's heading close to "40%," and "higher than Congress."

Looking ahead, he adds, "Iraq will be in a better place" as the surge continues. Come the autumn, too, "we'll see in the battle over FISA" -- the wiretapping of foreign terrorists -- "a fissure in the Democratic Party." Also in the fall, "the budget fight will have been fought to our advantage," helping the GOP restore, through a series of presidential vetoes, its brand name on spending restraint and taxes.

As for the Democrats, "They are likely to nominate a tough, tenacious, fatally flawed candidate" by the name of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Holding the White House for a third term is always difficult given the pent-up desire for change, he says, but "I think we've got a very good chance to do so."
This prick is not finished running presidential campaigns by a long shot. By leaving now he's free to maneuver. Free to leech himself onto another vapid, vacuous Republican candidate. That candidate, I believe, is none other than Willard Mitt Romney, erstwhile one-term governor of Massachussetts (see my comment at

Really, Rove's departure from the White House shouldn't be taken lightly. It is as if a detoxified, fit and trim Herman Goering escaped his Nuremburg cell with the intention of reconstituing the Third Reich. Congressional Democrats need to throw a net over this rabid dog but quick! Lock him up and throw away the keys.

But they won't. So I'm afraid we will not being hearing the last of Karl Rove until he is dead and buried in the South Texas Plains and a stake driven through what counts for his heart.

*I've just finished a random check of liberal blogs. No one is cheering. Most bloggers are as wary of Rove's motives as I.

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Anonymous said...

Rove is not retiring, just leaving the White House. As Bob Cesca writes, "Once a ratfucker, always a ratfucker."
How many elections can he yet steal?