Tuesday, August 21, 2007

LTE: August 21, 2007

The August 21, 2007 guest column by Matthew Hittle, "Attract younger generation by limiting government," is an ill-informed, ignorant mishmash of pseudo-libertarian sloganeering, historical distortion and generational self-centeredness.

Hittle's distorted perspective reduces eighty years of America history, everything before January 20, 1981, to easy to digest cliché.

The so-called "Greatest Generation,"--Americans who lived through the Great Depression, fought World War II and Korea, while attempting to live normality under the shadow of the nuclear war-- in Hittleh's critique, are dupes of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal crypto-communism.

Hittleh caricatures the Boomer Generation as shiftless bums almost wholly dependent on government handouts. One wonders what his parents must think.

Hittle's vision for the Republican Party is nothing more than the catechism of anti-tax lobbyist and Baby Boomer Grover Norquist. Hittle also ignores that for the past twenty-some odd years both Republicans and Democrats have gone on a deregulation spree, which is leading to business consolidation, i.e. monopoly, and wage stagnation.

In the end Hittle merely sings the same, old Republican song of running against Washington, even if it means demonizing his party's own lame-duck president.

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