Monday, May 25, 2009

I seen some stupid things but...

So yesterday I go with the old man to decorate his parents' and grandmother's graves in Indianola, Iowa. Afterwards we stop at a local roadside cafe, which has been there for what must be a thousand years though I've never eaten there, for lunch (which, by the way, was excellent if you have a hankering for a deep-fat fried pork tenderloin and onion rings.)

Anyway there was a group of people in their motorcycle togs and on a nice day that's no big deal.

However I did notice one of the ladies in the group was coving her head with a stylish American-flag design "do-rag." This led me to conclude she was undergoing cancer chemo-therapy as she was hairless, the portions of her body that the public could see at any rate. Really nothing out of the ordinary here.

Bear in mind, Iowa's a good place to go organ harvesting in the summer. We have a strong lobby of rugged individualists who successfully make the claim that wearing a helmet when riding one's motorcycle at 40-miles over the posted 65 miles per hour speed limit on primary two-line highways is an infringement of their First Amendment rights. So nary a helmet was in sight as the group of Harley-Davidson-licensed, official sportswear clad folks mounted their gasoline-fueled steeds to ride off into...the rest of the afternoon.

I seen some stupid things but here was a lady fighting a life-threatening disease and the only thing between her head and the hard, hard pavement of U.S. Highway 65-69 was an American flag do-rag.

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