Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A little bit about a lot of things

First up in America's hit parade of stupidity is 13-year old Daniel Hauser and his mother Colleen who ran away from Minnesota last week because the poor little flower just couldn't stand any more chemotherapy. I guess the poor little bastard couldn't take anymore puking and hair loss so it was off to Mexico for some herbal enemas while U.S. authorities spend a bazillion bucks trying to drag the little s.o.b. and his goofy mom back to Minnesota.

Let me clue you in, folks in Minnesota law enforcement, if the kid's parents want to kill their kid with herbal teas, let them.

Let us now move on to our president. Over the weekend the lapdog media (MSM) widely reported that President Oreo was under no pressure to appoint a woman, replacing retiring centrist and life-long milquetoast, David Souter, to the Supreme Court. So this morning the MSM is all gaga over Oreo's pick, a Puerto Rican-born, New York woman,Sonia Sotomayor.

It can only get better if she's a lesbian-Catholic who is for on-demand abortion and the confiscation of all firearms. At least the reactionaries would have something legitimate to bitch about. It'd even be better if on the first first Monday in October she rolls up a copy of the U.S. Constitution and sticks it up Scalia's ass! But that ain't gonna happen. What we are in for is a long, hot summer of idiot Republicans smearing the poor dumb bitch while the feckless Democrats, her allies, mince around like a bunch of sugarplum fairies. Oh, she'll be confirmed but Sotomayor will most likely be President Oreo's Clarence Thomas, though with better hygiene (no pubes on the Coke can.)

What other really stupid things can I bitch about? Oh! How about this letter-to-the-editor of in today's edition of The Des Moines Register:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is smart, articulate and knows his stuff. I still remember the two vice-presidential debates in which he participated. With his straight forward, quick witted, no-nonsense debating style, he easily won those debates with opponents Joe Lieberman and John Edwards. The fact that the main-stream media scored it different is proof of its bias and fears.

Now Cheney is taking on President Barack Obama. A review of the two speeches last week that has people abuzz reveals the former vice president is someone who can still maintain command of an audience with articulate oratory while the president is aloof and naïve and has to rely on teleprompters to be effective. I scored it Cheney 1 and Obama 0.

As a Republican, it’s our misfortune that Cheney never ran for president. He would have been a great one. Thank God, though, he’s still center stage in the public debate surrounding national security and the issues that confront us today. Right now, America can use a man with Cheney’s talents. He speaks truth to idiots.

— Jeff Jorgensen, Treynor

hmmm...Is Mr. Jorgensen referring to himself in his concluding sentence? That's enough stupidity for one day.

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