Friday, June 19, 2009

Hey, Public Library of Des Moines, thanks for making a little girl cry

I just sent this email to the PLDM:
I just returned from the North Side Branch Library.

Until just that minuet when I walked up and the automatic doors did not open did I have any idea that the branch would not open until 1 P.M. For me that is no big deal

However at the same time that I arrived at the North Side Branch another fellow and what appeared to be his grand daughter approached. When the little girl learned the library was not open it broke her heart.

I am sure the change in opening times is due in part to summer vacation schedules for library employees. I am also equally certain that the change in library opening times is due to budgetary constraints. Of course the library and all other city departments would have adequate funds if we in the neighborhoods were not forced into subsidizing all the tax credited, tax forgiven and tax increment funded development projects in downtown for the well-heeled and well-connected.

I understand this. But a little girl does not.

Thank you, Public Library of Des Moines, the city council, Polk County, the State of Iowa and the United States government for our skewed, regressive tax system that is ruining an economy and making a little girl cry.

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