Thursday, June 04, 2009

Iowa Idiots make national headlines

I didn't watch the Rachel Maddow Show last night because I was viewing a rebroadcast of all three parts of the excellent companion documentary to UCLA geographer Jared Diamond's, 2005 book Guns, Germs, and Steel:The Fates of Human Societies. So I missed Rachel presenting a rogues' lineup of Scott Roeder fans, all from the state of Iowa.

First up is Steve Deace , a queer hating, fetus-hugger who loves Jesus.

If you ever heard WHO Radio 1040AM, the 50,000 watt voice of the Middle West, for anything other than University of Iowa football and men's basketball you'll soon realize it is to the right of FoxNews.

Morning wing nut Jan Mickelson and Rush Limbaugh in the WHO lineup were bad enough, but a couple of years ago the station management decided to really descend into the gutter by adding former jock-talk radio host Steve Deace, pronounced Day-ess.

Well little did HO management know, or perhaps they did, that the rotund Mr. Deace is a Bible-thumping Christian of the most fundamental kind. A Christian Taliban if you will, to the right of the pope.

Also to the right of the pope when it come to abortion is Dave Leach, who I've profiled earlier, and one Dan Holman who told a CNN reporter:
"I was cheered by it(Dr. George Tiller's murder) because I knew that he wouldn't be killing any more babies. And I expect that would happen when all legal and moral -- legal ways of trying to stop it has been exhausted, as they have tried to prosecute him for giving abortions to people in violation of Kansas law.

I don't advocate it, I don't support it. But I don't condemn it, and I believe that what he did was justifiable."
And so it goes. And I bet you thought Iowa was an enlightened, "blue" state because our Supreme Court ruled that, yes, homosexual people have the same rights as heterosexual people to get married.

Sorry to disabuse you.

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