Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Just because they "love" fetuses it doesn't mean they can't be terrorists

The big news item Sunday was the murder of Dr. George Tiller, a Wichita, Kansas doctor who had the balls to perform so-called "late term" abortions in the buckle of the Bible belt, by one Scott Roeder, a known anti-abortion terrorist.

For some reason the mainstream media, M$M, treats anti-abortion lunatics with kid gloves. I typed in "roeder" in the Google News search engine feature. In scanning the synopses not one news story uses the term "terrorist" to describe the white, fundamentalist Christian Roeder.

Sure terrorist is an inflammatory word but if the suspect is black and a Muslim the M$M has no problem in using that descriptive term:
Shooting of Soldiers Called "Terrorist" Act

(Little Rock) -- A suspect is in custody in connection with the shooting of two Army recruiting officers in Little Rock Monday.

One of those soldiers died and the other is being treated for non-life threatening wounds.

Local law enforcement officials say they have 24-year-old Abdulhakim Muhammad in custody.

He's a U.S. citizen who changed his name from Carlos Leon Bledsoe after he converted to the Muslim faith.
Ozarks First.com, June 2, 2009

Now to be fair, and I always try to follow the journalistic ethic of fairness and balance, the headline of an analysis of Roeder in the Christian Science Monitor.com reads, Concerns mount that suspect in abortion-doctor shooting had extremist ties, and the headline of the anti-abortionist Web site LifeNews.com screams, Abortion Activists Call Pro-Life Advocates "Terrorists" in Wake of Tiller Shooting. So at least one long-time news organization is willing to hint that Roeder might, just maybe, have ties to other extremists while another has the balls to use "terrorists" in its headline. Albeit in a way pejorative towards the opponents of its editorial viewpoint.

In this morning's edition of The Des Moines Register reporter Tony Leys introduces Des Moines businessman and anti-abortion "activist" Dave Leach
A Des Moines abortion opponent said Monday that the killing of a Kansas doctor could be justified as a way to prevent what he sees as the murder of unborn babies.

The activist, Dave Leach, said he did not condone the shooting death Sunday of Dr. George Tiller, but he wouldn't condemn it.

"I grieve for Dr. Tiller," Leach said. "I rejoice for the babies who will not be killed."

Many leaders of large anti-abortion groups have condemned the killing. But Leach has gained national attention for his statements about the justification of violence against abortion providers, including Tiller. He publishes Prayer and Action News, a newsletter and Web site that focus on stopping abortion.
Even more revealing is the comments from supporters of Mr. Leach. To Wit:
  • urby_guy wrote:
    Before all of you abortion supporters and advocates shed a tear for this Tiller fellow, think, "did I shed a tear for any of the 1000's of lives that were ended at the hands of this guy?" The 1000's (by his own admission) of hearts and lives that ended up in the dumpster outside of his office never made the news, but the death of this guy does, go figure? Something else to think about, while abortion is "legal" by our laws, so was the extermination of millions of jews by the laws of Nazi Germany, yet if someone were to have killed Hitler, that person would have been celebrated as a hero. I don't condone murder by anyone, and Tiller's murderer should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but at least no more lives will be snuffed out by Tiller.
  • wdmthompson wrote:
    What people need to realize is that abortion is OUTRAGEOUSLY WRONG. It is so wrong, that people will become crazy over it. The person who killed abortionist Tiller probably was crazy. Still, it's very hard for me to feel really bad about Tiller's death.
  • RW_Extremist wrote:
    The same people who don't want terrorists having water poured on them to save innocent lives are the same people defending the mass murdering Tiller the Baby Killer. To the left, killing the innocent is acceptable. No wonder they reject GOD's words.
  • adelguy wrote:
    It was predicted that the left-wing liberal media would use this tragedy to hammer pro-life supporters. On cue, the DMR found a nut case who by his own admission has few followers, and make him the poster-boy for pro-life believers. What trash.
  • No need to continue. This discussion board will go on and on in this vein all day.

    By the way, I am banned from posting comments at The Des Moines Register because I offended some of the above Register posters and had the temerity to call the right wing, anti-immigrant MinuteMen "wussies."

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