Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pity the poor physician

I was just wondering what the average yearly income is for...say... your average physician is in the good ol' USA and I Googled upon a cool little Web site with that very information, Here's what I learned:
  • Family practice, $204,000
  • Internist, $176000
  • Neurology, $228000
  • Cardiology, $403000
  • General Surgery, $291000
  • Cardiovascular Surgery, $558719
  • Plastic Surgery, $412000

  • There's no reason to go on, for as you can see, doctors in the United States are well remunerated for their education and expertise. And if you're interested in the average yearly incomes of other medical specialties click the link above.

    Now why I bring this up is that it is clear to me that the primary and unstated reason the American Medical Association is so vehemently opposed to any "publicly" financed health care insurance scheme. They are worried their income will fall. Oh, fuck, what a catastrophe that would be. But, please, don't cry for the doctors for if this country ever went the way of the United Kingdom they would yet be among the richest guys in town. Our American physicians, should we wise up a go with a single-payer health care system, would still be members in good standing of the coordinator class.

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