Friday, December 11, 2009

CIA's Blackwater Ties Run Deep, Private Firm Participated In Covert Raids

More blowback from the 1973 foundation of the All Volunteer Force.

The US military trains highly motived individuals for thousands, perhaps millions of taxpayer dollars, to be elite, efficient killers. But they have a limited shelf-life in the Army, Marines, Navy or Air Force and their skills are of little value, except in police work, in the civilian world.

Since one of the more "free market" concepts of the AVF is the outsourcing of mundane military fatigue duties, cooking, cleaning, hauling etc., to private contractors such as Halliburton-KBR it wasn't that much a leap for the "free market" CEOs in the Pentagon apply that concept to the actual job of security.

And that Xe, formerly Blackwater, employees have partaken in CIA operations should come as no surprise. It's just mission creep for the best hired guns in the vicinity who speak English!

It's time to end the All Volunteer Force experiment. It's time to end military fatigue and security duties, Marines, after all, traditionally guarded our embassies.
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