Saturday, December 12, 2009

NRA Quietly Winning Battles For Looser Gun Laws

Just look at the photo accompanying this news story. Who do you see?

Now, just think of the last time you saw a national news telecast on urban crime and violence? What about a network or cable news story about violence in urban high schools? How about a network or cable news story about gang-related gun violence?

Do you recall the skin pigmentation of all of the "inner-city" Americans who were subject of the news reports?

Did those people look like the gents in the photo accompanying this news item?

Do you think that National Rifle Association vice-presi­dent-for-l­ife Wayne La Pierre or the national and cable television news networks feel any sense of responsibility for casting one segment of American society, a minority, as potentially violent criminals while vast majority are portrayed as helpless victims?

It's a cinch neither La Pierre or the producers and top shareholders of the national network and cable news outlets have a sense of shame.
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