Sunday, June 10, 2007

The further shores.......

Alexander Cockburn, the oh, so anti-capitalist editor-in-chief of Counterpunch, of is at it again, going the full-tilt bozo contrarian route to dismiss the currently accepted view of humanities' impact on global warming.

Take his latest opus Sources and Authorities
Dissidents Against Dogma
. Writes The Nation's editors, home of Cockburn's "Beat the Devil" feature, where this column had it genesis:"In contrast, many of Cockburn's most contentious assertions in his recent columns came from unpublished papers." Cockburn also quotes such global warming deneiers as Zbigniew Jaworowski and Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov (sic.).

Of course, Cockburn makes his case by telling one and all that his fulmination is aimed squarely at the nuclear power industry, whose dastardly deeds he will manfully thwart all on his own if need be.

Which leads me to wonder if Cockburn owns stock options with the wind turbine power companies, oil & gas or both?

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