Thursday, June 14, 2007

LTE: June 14, 2007

Besides the fact that the local option sales tax proposed by Project Destiny is regressive (meaning, for those of you who don't know, than even small purchases by children will be subsidizing Principal's property tax), the one-third earmarked for "cultural attractions" smells of corruption and cronyism even before it gets out of the gate. Look at the track record of another unelected, not-accountable-to-the-voters area-wide board, CIETC; imagine the cesspool another such board will be, overseeing who gets what and how much for the tri-counties' so-called "cultural attractions."

For instance, if pro-sales tax leaders are so clearly concerned about new, and expanding existing, bicycle trails, a "cultural attreaction" by their accounts, why didn't they simply take the $177,500 donated by the five top corporate contributors to Yes To Destiny and use it toward the purpose?

If yes To Destiny wants my vote, and as of this time it is firmly in the NO column, then it will drop all talk of one-third of total sales tax receipts going to "regional and/or cultural attractions."

I'm no philistine but, sorry, bicycle trails and waterparks ain't gonna cut it with me.

If Project Destiny wants to pitch a project I can endorse, then start talking about construction of a high-speed light rail system connecting all the major urban ares of the tri-county area. I mean with no end in sight to rising gasoline prices and no political will to stop urban sprawl, high-speed light rail would be a better utilization of revenue collected.

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