Monday, June 11, 2007

Of Paris Hilton and George W. Bush

Thanks to for linking to a excellent essay by A. Alexander at The Progressive Daily, America's Lords and Masters: The Trust-Fund Babies.
Neither Paris Hilton nor George W. Bush has any clue whatsoever what life is like for the average person. And, don't think for a moment these mollycoddled brats give a damn either.

Is it really any wonder America has come so completely undone, so quickly? The very first time someone actually dared to hold Paris Hilton to account and she dissolved into a tearful, bed-wetting temper tantrum. And, George W. Bush is no better. Whenever Congress or a reporter makes an attempt at holding him to account for his many failures, the man's demeanor changes completely...and he pitches a little two-year-old-like temper tantrum.

Everyday and in everyway every working-class American stares down more pressure and trouble than Paris Hilton could ever dream of facing for one second in her meaningless, filled-to-the-brim with everything and yet, completely empty life.

The American aristocracy: the parasites living within the intestines of America's democracy, sucking it dry of all its vital life forces. They are America's would-be-rulers-by-birthright --- the trust-fund Lords and Masters(emphasis added.)

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Anonymous said...

Time to reverse the government programs giving more wealth to the wealthy. Progressive steps of real tax cuts for working people would be wildly popular but not in the media. With the current crop of politicians, I wouldn't trust any reform of Social Security or Federal taxes. Small and simple steps such as removing the lid on FICA taxes, so the wealthy would have to pay the same percentage to Social Security as everyone else, could instill confidence. An omnibus bill massaged by lobbyists in committee could be the usual nightmare of 'reform'.