Saturday, June 02, 2007

The sicks get sicker

I think the news story posted by the Turkish is a tad bit alarmist, it says:
WASHINGTON — In an era enveloped in large-scale violence and militarism, one of the fastest growing American companies is marketing a controversial product line designed for young children that combines military paraphernalia with the Christian faith.

The majority of the 31 items in the "Soldier of God" product line are decorated with military camouflage colors.

The products are stamped with crosses or crusader crests, as well as the slogan "Soldier of God" amidst stars and stripes.
So I click into the Oriental Trading Company's Web site and found this:

"What Would Jesus Do?" Dog Tag Necklaces. Be a soldier in God's army! Spirit-filled kids love wearing these "What Would Jesus Do?" dog tag necklaces! Tuck them in treat bags at V.B.S. parties and buy extras for your child to share with friends at church camps! Each 2" metal dog tag is on a 24" chain and has a special symbol of faith! © OTC

And this:

Religious Dog Tag Necklaces.
Show your faith with this military-inspired dog tag jewelry. Featuring a painted cross and a spiritual saying, these colorful pendants are the perfect gift for God's soldiers and V.B.S. students! Each 2" printed metal dog tag has a 24" silvertone chain.

Not quite the bloodthirsty, death-to-infidels crap Turkish would lead one to believe but disturbing enough. I didn't find any Bible-thumping G.I. Joe dolls or camo wearing, gun-toting Barbie action figures, though if a buck can be made I'm sure these will soon follow.

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