Friday, June 22, 2007


I received this rather odd picture in my e-mail this morning, accompanied by a request.

Forward this message the same day you received it. It may sound ridiculous, but it is right on time. We believe that something is about to happen. Angels exist, only sometimes they haven't got wings and we call them friends; you are one of them. Something wonderful is about to happen to you and your friends. Tomorrow at __9:12AM___ somebody will address you and tell you something you have been waiting to hear. Please do not break this chain. Send it to at least 7 of your friends.

I can't forward this. First of all I don't have seven friends, so I'm breakin' the chain. Also, I find the picture just the slightest bit disturbing. I mean what's with the sword. Is the "angel" with the sword about to decapitate the praying "angel." I wonder if the "artist" rended this work with a pun on "pray" and "prey" in mind. After all, the kneeling "praying" angel certainly appears to be "prey" for the angel looming up behind, sword in hand.

I always thought guardian angels were more of the Hansel and Gretel variety. Or
on the order of this Nineteenth Century drawing of a newly emancipated
black man, shooing away flies away while a genteel white lady dines. This picture, we are told, was executed in 1876 by one James Wells Champney and simply titled The guardian angel--Eagle Hotel, Asheville .

But I suppose it's a sign of the times that a "guardian angel," as comely as she may appear, would be armed and prepared for action, dealing out mayhem and death when the need arises. I can well imagine a young christian mother whispering softly, as she tucks her darling children into bed, "Sleep tight, little ones. Your guardian angel, with her razor sharp sword will protect you from terrorists and liberals."


Rodrigo said...

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Anonymous said...

I like that guardian angel picture. Reminds me of grandma's house.
But what's with the '9:12'???
Anything along the lines of 4:20?
"We believe that something is about to happen... Something wonderful..."
For who?
Sounds like a threat! Don't answer the door! Ignore the phone!
After all, Revelation 9:12 says, "That was the first of the troubles; there are still two more to come."