Monday, September 04, 2006

A little more about Wal Mart

I want to post this while it's still fresh in my memory.

Friday a friend retold his Wal Mart experience. He's working there now but not for much longer. He had a well paying job at the local university but got laid-off several months ago, he had some savings and played with penny-stocks for awhile, he just needed something to do and get a little income.

So he applied at Wal Mart.

He says that after he put in his application he was interviewed by a manager. When she finished with him he asked what was the job and how much was he going to be paid. She said he'd find out at the end of the interviewing process. He says he went through two other lower-level managers before interviewing with the store's big cheese, asking the same questions at each step--what job and what pay.

Finally the Lord of Wal Mart No._____, said he was a shopping cart retreiver and handed him a document. If my friend rejected the job he would have to sign the document stating he would never apply at any Wal mart, anywhere in the world, for the next year.

He took the job, thinking that retreiving shopping carts would be an easy gig. And it was, except Wal Mart expects shopping cart retreivers to do other things besides, like stock shelves etc. He said they even make the little old guys who greet you at the front door responsible for keeping that area clean. He was part time, and that didn't bother him, but Wal Mart management tended to schedule him for 39 1/2 hours working a week, to keep him from going into full-time and getting benefits.

He added that Wal Mart is has a practice of hiring people with mental disabilities and/or psychological disorders, people really vulnerable to management intimidation.

He starts a new job in a couple of weeks and couldn't be happier.

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