Wednesday, September 27, 2006

MBA candidates cheat

Like that's news. Really I saw this the other day and I want to save it for future reference:
Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Students pursuing a master's degree in business administration cheat more than other U.S. graduate students, according to a study for the Center for Academic Integrity at Duke University.

The study found 56 percent of MBA students acknowledged cheating, compared with 54 percent in engineering, 48 percent in education and 45 percent in law school.

Earlier studies have found a high incidence of cheating among undergraduate business students. In 1997, McCabe, a professor of management and global business who is regarded by ethics professors as a leading researcher on cheating and plagiarism, found 84 percent of undergraduate business students said they cheated at least once, compared with 72 percent of engineering students and 66 percent of all students.
Here's the real laugher
Officials at top business schools said they didn't see much cheating. Honor codes that require students to sign a statement on each test saying they had not cheated -- and some requiring students to report cheating by others -- are a powerful deterrent, as are frequent classroom discussions about ethical behavior, they said.
Coincidence, we now have the first president who holds a Master's of Business Administration from the Harvard School of Business. We have a president who has never really had to think his way out of any situation. And we have a president form whom a democratically structured system is anathema, corporate management structures are hierarchical, everything flows from the top down. I've heard many people over the years ask "why can't the government be run like a business?" Well those idiots got their wish. This government is being run like a business, a badly managed business. And for all their talk about "thinking outside the box" once these business school morons get an idea fixed in their tiny minds, they'll run with it, and the company, or in this case the government, right into the ditch.

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