Friday, September 22, 2006

Pantomime fight over, Bush, GOP kiss and make up

These Republicans are phonier fucks than even I could imagine. Take for instance this "deal" over Bush's intention to tear up the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and torture prisoners in CIA custody.

After a week of drama between the White House and Senator John McCain, who supposedly suffered at the hands of the North Vietnamese during five years of captivity, over wheter or not the above mentioned Geneva Conventions apply to "evil doers" swept up in the "war on terror" are to be accorded the same rights as prisoners of war. McCain, who is widely touted as the front-runner for the GOP '08 presidential nomination, was joined by John Warner and Lindsey Graham in supposedly opposing Bush's announced plan to throw out said Conventions in regard to prisoners held at Guantanamo.

Well, we know how Bush treats legal documents. He simply attachs a "signing statement" and does what he wants. He's the decider, see.
He will do so by issuing his own interpretation of the Geneva Conventions in an executive order and by relying on questionable Justice Department opinions that authorize such practices as exposing prisoners to hypothermia and prolonged sleep deprivation. Under the compromise agreed to yesterday, Congress would recognize his authority to take these steps and prevent prisoners from appealing them to U.S. courts. The bill would also immunize CIA personnel from prosecution for all but the most serious abuses and protect those who in the past violated U.S. law against war crimes.
As for that phony fuck McCain. he was on the Today show spouting and blowing about the great, big fucking deal he'd worked out with Bush. Then he started in with "the ACLU doesn't want us to interrogate terrorists" bullshit. You'd think that a guy who supposedly suffered torture at the hands of his North Vietnamese captors would say something like, "I went through this and I don't think anyone should have to suffer torture." But he didn't. He started in the attacks on the ACLU and "liberals" and sounded just like every other asshole Republican politician.

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