Monday, September 04, 2006

New scumbag union busting tactic

The Toledo (OH) Blade newspaper has come up with a new tactic to bust, or at least sway public sympathy management's way: publishing the salaries of every union member on strike against the paper.
NEW YORK The Toledo Blade, in the midst of a six-month labor dispute with several unions locked out, on Sunday published the salaries of most of their union workers -- in a full-page ad in the Sunday paper.

The full-page also listed benefits for everyone from reporters to sales people.

According to a report on local TV station WTOL, "The Blade said it wanted to show readers how 'generous' the newspaper has been to its employees."

The ad related that top scale salaries ranged from $33, 576 for a customer service rep to $59,561 for a copy editor. It also described the benefits package, including pension plan and vacation time.
Editor &
How fucking generous, $59,561 for a copy editor per year plus benefits. Wow. Of course, no mention of seniority and level of education. I'll bet there are auto mechanics making more than this! But the economy and the current Zeitgeist of the country are so fucked up that Blade management probably scored points with the pinheads slaving at Wal Mart.

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