Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The next Zell Lieberman?

The jerk on the right here has been spending a lot of time in Iowa recently.
Seems he has aspirations to the White House.He was the governor of some Southern state or other for awhile, but other than that he offers little to qualify himself for higher office. I guess you could say he's kind of handsome in a sort of non-descript, salesman sort of way. He probably listens to a lot of Carpenters, ABBA, and Loggins and Messina CDs, maybe a little John Denver when he wants to get in touch and get down with the common folk, the little people (I don't know this for fact, I'm just speculating.) So anyway this ja'moke's poking 'round Ioway, lookin' to pick up votes for the '08 Caucus. He's thrown a lot of money young Chester Culver's way, say $25,000 or so. And, yet, he remains an enigma.

A little of the mystery surrounding this faceless politician lifted at a speech he gave before Greater Des Moines Partnership, a group of business types bent on "improving" the tri-county "metro" area for their own benefit while framing it as "for the good of all." Suffice it to say GDMP is a cesspool of real estate buyers, sellers and developers. But back to my nameless, faceless "Democratic" politician's words of inspiration before the above neamed organization.
Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner said in Iowa on Monday that Democrats have taken the wrong approach in arguing against tax cuts enacted under President Bush, singling out former Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry's campaign as a reason the message did not resonate in 2004.

In order to appeal to more voters, the party ought to avoid alienating wealthier Americans, Warner told members of the Greater Des Moines Partnership in Des Moines at the outset of a day of meetings in the lead-off caucus state.

"Even though the Bush tax cuts only applied to the top 2 percent of Americans, what I think the Kerry campaign missed was that the other 98 percent of Americans still aspired to get to the point in their life where they could qualify for the tax cuts."

Warner said wealthier Americans may be willing to support what would essentially be an income-tax increase, but only if it is portrayed as part of a fiscal strategy that includes trimming government waste and curbing spending.
THOMAS BEAUMONT, The Des Moines Register
This guy's a Democrat? Sounds like elephantshit to me. And it looks like the Democratic Party's got another Republican mole à la Zell Lieberman.


Laurin Manning said...

Mark Warner is pointing out something that too many Democrats don't get.

Democrats love to attack the wealthy because Dems think that everyone who's not wealthy resents the wealthy and thinks the wealthy should shoulder more burden than they do in financing the government.

Well, the truth is that many Americans (perhaps naively) believe they still have a chance of achieving great wealth.

Warner's point was not whether repealing the Bush tax cut for the top 2% of income earners would bring in tons of revenue.

The point was that public is averse to socking it to the wealthy when so many dream of one day being wealthy themselves.

I'm looking for a Democratic candidate who has moved on from the high-tax, protectionist Democratic economic mentality of yesteryear and does give credence to supply-side economics and accepts the inevitability of free trade -- while remaining committed to fiscal responsibility.

Mark Warner's commitment to fiscal responsibility is unquestionable. His first priority when he assumed the governorship of Virginia was to fix a $6 billion budget shortfall by altering the tax scheme in a variety of ways.

His fiscally-responsible plan allowed Virginia to retain it's AAA credit rating, which was in jeopardy.

The tired, Democratic approach of taxing the richest out the wazoo is not the answer for a host of reasons.

I'll listen to the economic suggestions of the guy who led the charge of fixing a state in a fiscal quagmire and a self-made guy whose business-savvy helped him make millions in business before I will old school Democrats spouting tired, obsolete, ineffective party rhetoric.

R2K said...

Hey you aint exactly doing rocket science over here...