Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pot police state

Now what the fuck's wrong with this?!
by Mark Bruggom, KICD, Spencer

Someone who knew or cared for a northwest Iowa child has turned the child's parents in for smoking pot.

Spencer couple's been arrested on drug charges after they consented to a search of their home. Jerry and Samatha Wise are both 35 years old and both face charges of posession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Iowa Department of Human Services had received a tip drugs were being used in the Wise home, in front of a child. Both were booked at the Clay County Jail and then released.
Radio Iowa.com
O', my fuckin' gawd, the parents were smoking pot in front of the kid. The fuckin' kid's going to get hooked on marijuana if some one don't intervene. Take the little bastard out of the house and throw the parents in jail and throw away the key!!

Y'know, what kind of sick society do we live in where a child can be taken out of her home, because the parents partake of a recrational drug that does no one any harm, soothes, relaxes and only documented side-effect is weight gain, on hearsay. The poor kid's probably more traumatized by seeing mommy and daddy in handcuffs than from knowing they smoke pot.

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