Friday, September 22, 2006

Speaking about phony f*cks

It amazes me that telling the public what a bastard Bush is, both U.S. Representative and Democratic House leader, Nancy Pelosi and Jon Stewart rise to defend him after Venezualean President Hugo Chavez calls him the devil, "diablo," in a speech before the United Nations yesterday.

Wayne Madsen reported yesterday that Pelosi said Chavez was a "thug" for calling Bush "diablo." Stewart, on the other hand, after running a snippet of Chavez's speech with the offending word, pronounced the Venezualean president "batshit crazy." I mean, what's wrong here? Stewart, especially, and Pelosi, to a more limited extent, castigate Bush at ever turn but let a foreign leader cast aspersions about Fearless Leader, it's time to circle the wagons!

But Senator Tom Harkin had this to say:“Let me put it this way: I can understand the frustration and the anger of certain people around the world because of George Bush’s policies.” But of course, it is taken out of context and now Harkin's covering his ass.

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