Thursday, August 17, 2006

Can this guy get anymore pathetic?

Below is the image flashed round the Internet of our esteemed President looking a little more than foolish upon a stationary Harley-Davidson at a factory in Pennsylvania.

It's posted at The among others. I think the best comment about the buffoon-in-chief comes from
It’s not possible for Bush to wear, sit on or say that’ll make him – cool. In any event, the image below is a rare sight with Bush sitting on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, during his tour of the manufacturing plant in York, Pa., Wednesday August 16, 2006. The guy on the left is Joel Toner, from the look of his face; he must be thinking, “Dude you’re my new hero, you figured out how to start up the Harley!” Starting a motorcycle is one thing, but does he know to ride it?

But just to be "fair and balanced" so you can decide, here's the image FauxNews is running on their web site.

Wow! You can almost feel the wind in Dubya's hair. Actually, from the expression on Dim-Son's face in the above picture, it looks as if the Leader-of-the-Free-World is about to shit his pants!

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