Friday, August 18, 2006

The only plus Chet Culver has

E-mail from Ed Fallon:
I will also continue to do what I can to help Chet Culver. To date, I have spoken on his behalf at several public events, identified potential contacts among my supporters and provided input on issues. Chet and I will continue to disagree on some key issues, but there are more areas of agreement than disagreement, and that gives me hope and encouragement.

There are two key reasons behind my decision to actively support Chet. First, in conversations we’ve had over the past two months, Chet has pledged, if elected, to address both campaign finance reform and the need for legislation to control urban sprawl. That means a lot to me, and I know these two issues are important to many of you as well.

Second, I am reasonably confident that I will have the ear of Governor Culver. I don’t see Governor Nussle taking much interest in the viewpoints of Citizen Fallon. The opportunity to be an advocate for the issues important to me and my supporters could be significant in a Culver administration. They will be virtually nonexistent in a Nussle administration.

That's gotta be true. Ed Fallon, whom many of the state's Democrats even derisively call "Crazy Ed" behind his back, will have access to a Governor Culver where he won't have with a governor Nussle. However, the same cabal of realtors, attorneys and government employees who huddle with Governor Tom Vilsack will nest 'round Chet.

So while Fallon would have the ear of a Democartic governor, the batteries for young Chester's hearing aid would soon fail.

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