Monday, August 21, 2006

The militarization of Iowa continues, sub memorial planned

The most useless "weapon" in the "war on terror" is the United State Navy's submarine fleet. I'm sure one of the new, and prohibitively expensive, Virginia class of attack submarine is just the ticket to wipe out Osama bin Laden and his band of merry sucide bombers. So to remind us all of how the US Navy's submarine fleet has done its part in bestowing the gift of "freedom" upon us, a memorial to WWII sub S-36 is set to clutter the State House grounds.
A state commission has approved a monument featuring a slab of black granite that will remind Iowans of the pivotal role played by the U.S. Navy's submarine force during World War II, as well as the large sacrifice in lives and vessels.

The submarine assigned to Iowa was the S-36. While the sub survived an enemy destroyer's attack, its crew had to abandon the vessel after it ran aground on a reef on Jan. 20, 1942.

The planned Iowa monument will include art work depicting a World War II submarine and a nuclear submarine.

Money is being raised privately to cover the project's estimated $6,000 cost.
The Des Moines
At least this planned hideous monstrosity is being paid for out of some sucker's pocket, other than John Q. Public. This is, after all, a none too subtle reminder to all "freedom" loving 'Merikuns that "freedom isn't free" and that we must shoulder more of the tax burden to keep our submarine fleet afloat, or a-sink. General Dynamics' and Northrop Grumman's stock will surely suffer a sever down-tick if the public ever wakes up and mothballs these radioactive mososaurs--save for a select few, I'm not a total peacenik you know.

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