Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nussle's own "D'oh" moment

It's simply amazing. Chester and Jimmy N keep finding ways to say things as stupid as they look. They time it was Jimmy N's turn. Speaking before some kind of bogus committee, Institute for Tomorrow’s Workforce, it was time for the ever clueless Nussle to stick his foot in his mouth:
“I think there’s a lot of room for consolidation of leadership and administration and bureaucracy in education[.]”

Nussle, a congressman from Manchester, said reducing administration would be better than merging school districts, which he said would eliminate football teams and force school buildings to change names.

“I think it accomplishes consolidation without having all of Iowa go to war like it did in the late ’60s,” he said, referring to a time when political pressure led to scores of school districts being consolidated.
The Des Moines
Of course this went over like a lead balloon in a room full of school administers. Jimmy N compounded his error by quoting as fact-- "...only 50 cents of every dollar of per-pupil spending approved by the Legislature gets into the classroom"--something that just ain't so. ("But according to data from the state Department of Education, about 70 percent of schools’ general-fund money is spent on classroom instruction in most Iowa districts".)

Chester was invited to the same meeting and said some equally lame crap that was generally better received.

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