Monday, August 21, 2006

Iowa's poltical comedy blogs

The Des Moines Register printed an AP story this morning about Iowa's homegrown political blogs.
Iowa's political blogs run the spectrum from Republican-leaning sites, like Schmidt's newest blog,, to sites that focus on liberal issues, such as, a Web site run by Drake student Chris Woods.

More official parts of the Republican and Democratic apparatuses have gotten into the act, too, with former Iowa Democratic Party chairman Gordon Fischer penning a regular blog at and GOP Polk County Chairman Ted Sporer recently launching one at

Anonymous blogs are also popular. Two conservative-leaning sites, and www.caucuscooler.blogspot. com, often take on the issues of the day and occasionally some inside skinny.
I've read Fischer's blog and this Sporer guy's, both good for a laugh. If these guys are two of the finer political minds in Iowa, it's apparent why we're in deep doodoo. RealWorldPolitico and PoliticalForcast, on the other hand, seem fairly straight forward politcal sites, something I might permanently link to.

As for the two conservative blogs cited, first caucuscooler is a dead link. Secondly, illustrating once again that original thought is in short supply among our wing nut brethern, the blogger at krustykonservative identifies himself as Herschel Krustofski. This is none other than Krusty The Clown from the Simpsons TeeVee show. I wonder if this name is in the public domain? I wonder if Simpsons creator Matt Groening knows that some wing nut blogger in Iowa is using that name? More importantly, I wonder if the bean-counting pigs at FauxNetwork know this?

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