Saturday, August 19, 2006

Do photos of Bill kissing Joe exist, I wonder?

The video and subsequent still photograph of the idiot-in-chief kissing him spelled defeat for DINO Joe Lieberman two weeks ago. But Holy Joe's flirtation with the reactionary right goes back much farther in fact. Posts Jeff Dufour:
During his remarks toward the end of last Thursday’s lavish 50th Anniversary party for National Review, founding editor William F. Buckley Jr. pointed down to the head table to single out … who? Rush Limbaugh? Tom DeLay? George Will?

No, although all were in attendance. The conservative icon pointed out Sen. Joe Lieberman (Conn.), a Democrat. In fact, Buckley said, Lieberman is his favorite Democrat.

Why? A Lieberman spokeswoman explains that both men were editors of the Yale Daily News and became acquainted through the paper. Also, Buckley famously crossed party lines to support Lieberman in his first Senate run in 1990 against Republican-in-name-only Lowell Weicker, the incumbent.
Actually Dufour is off two years, it was '88 (fact check anyone?)

It wasn't much of a cross for Buckley, since Weicker was target numero uno in the right's crosshairs for being the first Republican to break with the party in the Watergate scandal. Or as the Barnes characterizes Weicker, a "leftist oaf" who became the "White Knight of Watergate."

At the risk of being a revisionist I'll tender the argument that the country would have been better served with a Republican Senator Lowell Weicker over these last 18 years than a Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman.

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