Thursday, August 24, 2006

Does it take histrionics to get Harkin to make up his mind

Just received an e-mail from
Internet freedom is under attack. The House of Representatives has voted to give giant corporations more control over what you see and do online, and corporate lobbyists are pushing for a quick vote in the Senate. Senator Tom Harkin could be the deciding vote, but he has remained silent on Net Neutrality. We can change that next Wednesday at noon.

In Des Moines, we will deliver thousands of petition signatures from Iowa residents to Senator Harkin's office. The media will be invited, and we need a big crowd to show Senator Harkin how important protecting Net Neutrality is to constituents.
This is inexcusable on Harkins part. There should be no need for histrionics of this sort to get Senator Tom Harkin, bosom friend of the late Paul Wellstone, to shit or get off the pot concerning Net Neutrality. If he wants to show his true progressive bono fides it's time to put up or shut up.Shameful.

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