Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wars R Us: Stink Tank Republican predicts war with Iran

On one of the many, many political yak TeeVee program I do not watch a Reuel Marc Gerecht predicted on This Week with George Stephanopoulos
GERECT: I think more importantly — because of the way the Syrians and Iranians reacted — it is possible that the president has gotten very, very angry over that issue. If, in fact, you see down the road — because the premier issue for the [I]ranians is nuclear weapons program — if you see down the road the president taking a much harder line on that issue

STEPHANOPOULOS: How much harder line could he take? Are you talking about military action?

GERECT: Well yeah it is conceivable you go down the road 12 or 18 months that the president will say nuclear weapons in the hands of the mullahs is simply unacceptable — as he said many times. And if in fact Lebanon contributes to the hardening of the American postion, then I would say that hezbollah actions in Lebanon were a great mistake.

From Think
NeoCon jackasses just don't learn, do they? BTW I love this comment from one of the Think Progress bloggers:Yeah - nukes are okay for Pakistan, India, Isreal, CHINA, North Korea, Russia, France and especially the USA. After all, we are the only that nuked another nation. Trust us, world, we are your friends.

Truer words were never posted on the internet.

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